Rewards Marketing

Connecting Consumers to Brands…

…through Rewards

Rewards Marketing is the ultimate form of performance marketing. Our Brand Partners are Advertisers that provide their strongest possible offers to our Reward Publisher Network: a selection of loyalty and membership platforms that display rewards and offers to their highly engaged user bases. The RewardsBag platform then tracks all user actions that follow, allowing our Brand Partners to verify campaign performance and pay on a CPE basis.

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Brand Partners

RewardsBag work with advertisers to help them become Brand Partners. This means identifying how they can create offers, samples or deals that are so compelling that users feel they are being rewarded. And this in turn engenders loyalty; happy customers gained through reward redemptions have a greater lifetime value than customers sourced through other more intrusive or competitive advertising channels. Or to put it another way: Customers gained through loyalty, are loyal!

And with a network of Rewards Publishers as varied as Visa and Sweatcoin, it doesn’t matter if your offering is beer or broadband… we have Reward Publishers to suit.


Reward Publishers

Reward Publishers are organisations looking for incredible offers, unique rewards and incentives for their member base. RewardsBag work with a range of different types of Reward Publishers such as VISA Offers, Wuntu or Sweatcoin.
RewardsBag create profitable partnerships and happy customers, by connecting our Brand Partners’ rewards and offers into our Reward Publishers’ platforms.

From the simple provision of Brand Partner offers through to the design and build of bespoke rewards apps, RewardsBag powers Rewards Marketing.

We are RewardsBag

We come from varying backgrounds: agencies, tech companies, media owners, analytics. It has all combined to give us a truly fresh approach to the world of Rewards.

We live and breathe the world of advertising, yet we work in the world of loyalty and retention. And it’s that combination that gives us our edge: connecting brands with publishers to create happy customers.

Part of the BLUE14 Group of Companies

We are proud to be funded in part by BLUE14 – providing investment & mentoring to ‘Blue Ocean’ consumer brands and performance media companies in the ecommerce space.

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Now TV

Our Reward Publishers drive huge numbers of new customers each month, through Now TV's provision of a best-in-market and exclusive reward.

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We work with Foodora internationally on Rewards Marketing. Reward Publishers get to offer their members vouchers for free or discounted food delivery, Foodora get happy new customers. Everyone wins!

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We help power rewards for HSBC's Visa Offers programme. If you're a member, maybe you've had one of our rewards and never knew?!

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Hello Fresh

RewardsBag help Hello Fresh acquire young and affluent customers across their English-speaking territories through promoting rewards on Sweatcoin - an app built to reward exercise!

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Rewards Marketing was used to achieve a specific goal for Boden: reach previous customers that hadn't purchased in 18 months. The answer? A combination of a STRONG reward & tight targeting.

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Who wouldn't love a free music subscription? Judging by our results, very few... RewardsBag work with Tidal to leverage the power of rewards to drive happy customers.

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Virgin Experience Days

Through our rewards partnership with Visa, RewardsBag promoted discounted Virgin Experience Days to all UK Visa Offers members.

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Our rewards work with Audible is currently confidential... but suffice to say it involves free audio books! Why not get in touch with us to find out more?

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